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My 2 CDP-CX355 players
I was not really into CD collecting until I found a Sony CDP-CX235 200 CD changer for €15.
At first I started to try to fill up the changer with anything I could find. However after it was full the hard decisions of what to remove when new CD's came in started to have to be made. After a while I was lucky enough to find a Sony CDP-CX355 300 CD changer for cheap, these can be linked to the CDP-CX235 and act like one big 500 CD changer. This is also the point I started to get more selective with which CD's to put in them. Now I found another CDP-CX355 so I can add another 100 CD's as the 2 CDP-CX355 are now linked to act like one big 600 CD changer.

I have also quite some CD's that are not in the changers (anymore). But on this page I like to mainly focus on the one's in my changers.
On this page you can find a link with all the CD's currenty loaded in the two changers, but for the other part of the page I wanted to make it a little more interactive. So I invite you to Explore the Music loaded in my changers.

Loaded in my CDP-CX355 players:

List of CD's currenty loaded in the changer

Search for a CD in a specific location:

Select Player:

Explore the music loaded in my 2 CDP-CX355 players:

Select an album and explore based on the Youtube algorithm... (results may vary)

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Please click the link above to enable all the videos on this page.

Youtube uses (as far as I know) unavoidable cookies and other ways to track you.
To be able to see the video you will need to accept the Youtube terms and conditions.
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					Select album:


 More information and how it works...

How it works overview:

Make sure you have accepted the "youtube tracking, cookies and terms & conditions" so the player works.
Select an album that is in one of my CD Changers.
Click the "Try to find video" button.
The system will now to try to find a video related to the album on youtube and show it to you.
Play the video.


There is a limit of around a 100 searches per day on the Youtube API, therefore the system will save a video after the first time it is found and will only try to refresh it if it is searched again a month later. If the limit is reached a message will be shown and you can only search for videos the system already saved.
The system takes the first result from youtube (sorted on "relevance"), most of the times a video with a song from the ablum (or the entire album) will be found, sometimes a song from the correct Artist is found but from a different album, sometimes not a song but another video still relevant to the artist or album is found, and lastly sadly sometimes the returned video is completely unrelated. I will flag them if I see any of these unrelated videos myself so a message will be shown that the video is incorrect.

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